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Ces véhicules à air comprimé en 2011

The 02 Pursuit motorcycle is based on the geometry of a current-spec 250 cc motocross bike...

About Dean Benstead :

I am currenlty studying Industrial Design at RMIT and have been working as an associate designer with JONESCHIJOFF since mid 2009. I am currently undertaking my major project, 'O2 Pursuit'. An investigation into the future of motorcycles.

I agree with the majority thinking that Ken has overstated adiabatic problems.
Yes one generates heat when compressing air (losing energy), but as with all energy storage systems, there are losses.
But after filling, tank returns to ambient temperature, and engine then cools somewhat when running... a bit like an internal combustion engine generates heat when running.
But obviously these engines work running fork-lift trucks around the Melbourne city markets... so ice is unlikely to be a problem in temperate climates.

The tiny number of moving parts is what is amazing.

Compressed air is a beautiful energy-storage medium in that regard.

As others have noted, only real issue is range... which is a function of tank pressure. And if swappable tanks, or ability to strap second onto rear rack, then magic!
Just as people recharge electric battery packs at work (for the commute home), people could have small/slow compressor at work to recharge tank.
Indeed, even leaving tank in-situ, one could have a small 110-240v compressor in under six-inches square (150mm square) which you carry on bike and plug-in to mains power at any destination, or cafe/truckstop en-route to extend range.

But pity the designer was not a commute cyclist in his youth, rather than dirt-bike enthusiast - as then he might have started with a mountain bike (off-road bicycling) frame and parts, rather than motorcross frame and componentry.
MTB frame, suspension etc are about 50% of the weight of motorcross...
Other benefit is that if you construct as an 'ancillary' motor
(ie if you leave pedals in place), you can more easily construct something that is legal in most jurisdictions to use on the road.

But good Aussie ingenuity!

Graeme, Sydney, Australia

Graeme Harrison (prof at-symbol post.harvard.edu) - November 2, 2011 @ 05:50 pm PDT



2 November 2011
A motorcycle powered purely by compressed air will be uncovered at the 2011 Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter Show, November 25-27 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.
RMIT Industrial Design student Dean Benstead has designed and developed the ’02 Pursuit’, a working prototype of a motocross bike that gives value to air as an alternate source of ‘fuel’ with the use of the DiPietro air engine developed by Angelo DiPietro of Engineair Australia.
Based on the geometry of a current-spec 250cc motocrosser, the project’s initial focus was on the design and product development processes over performance engineering, but Benstead said he could see a future for a marketable model based on the air-powered prototype.
If petrol power was past and electric power was present, Benstead said he believed that with further development there was a place for compressed air in the future as an economical and environmentally-friendly option.
“The concept evolved from research to sketches to computer modeling before the chassis and bodywork was built and fabrication at local manufacturer, Rinlatech Engineering, began,” explained Benstead.
“I wanted to explore the viability of compressed air as an alternative fuel, and my childhood experiences riding dirt bikes led me to design the motocross bike based around the Engineair engine.
“I’ve worked closely with project partners including Engineair, Yamaha Australia, who donated the running gear from a WR250F to power the bike, as well as various design staff, Simon Curlis and Automotive designer Marcus Hotblack at RMIT.
“The stationary test runs we’ve run have been very positive – the bike can hit speeds in excess of 100km/h in its current build, and with more development we can see the range of the bike doubling or tripling.
“The next prototype would involve a total re-style, different material choices over the current steel tube chassis, such as aluminum or even a futuristic printed titanium, reducing the weight comparable to a heavy-duty mountain bike.
“I’m excited to be able to reveal the bike in front of an audience at the Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter Show and am very much looking forward to any feedback from visitors and industry.”
The ’02 Pursuit’ will be unveiled in a working demonstration at 10.30am on Friday November 25. It will be displayed on the Two Wheels exhibit for the duration of the three-day show.
The Sydney Motorcycle & Scooter Show is Australia’s largest showcase of everything on two wheels, featuring a comprehensive display of bikes from all major manufacturers and products and services from a range of industry specialists.
Tickets (available pre-purchase at motorcycleshow.com.au or at the gate)
Adults: $20 / Seniors: $14 / Children (5-15 years): $14 (Under 5 years free) / Family: (2 adults and 2 children) $48
Opening Hours
Friday Nov 25: 10am-8pm / Saturday Nov 26: 9am-6pm / Sunday Nov 27: 9am-5pm


Flash - info : Ecomobilite.TV nous a écrit, à propos des batteries au Lithium.
Voir ici :

Parmi les lecteurs du blog "Air Pur des Vosges", nombreux sont ceux qui nous demandent combien de constructeurs se sont engagés dans la technologie des véhicules propres.

Réponse en images :

Tous les continents étant concernés par cette vague de progrès.
Nous avons, en France, la possibilité de voir construire d'autres usines que celles de Carros pour répondre à la demande, grâce à un concept industriel hors du commun.

À noter que les versions de véhicules les plus aboutis affichent des performances comparables à celles annoncées par MDI.

Celle-ci, vous la reconnaissez probablement !

O2 Pursuit testride

Performances types :

C'est en chinois, mais on reconnaît facilement le rayon d'action et le temps de recharge.

Citons également les inventions suivantes :


Autres applications :


Sports mécaniques


Logistique, transports internes sur sites industriels

Nautisme et plongée
(pour les îles, le concept d'usine est également adaptable
pour la construction de bateaux de petites tailles.

En remerciant au passage Didier Grimonprez dont on peut lire les nombreuses trouvailles sur
ainsi que 
Scott Robertson http://www.aircaraccess.com/history.htm

En fait, tout le monde s'intéresse à cette technologie,

Les développements d'usine connus sont en Europe pour l'instant, du type MDI Carros.

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