vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Voitures à air pur : le marché scandinave

Voitures à air pur : les véhicules à air comprimé sont ou devraient être prochainement présentés en Europe.
Nous laissons à MDI le plaisir de l'annonce officielle.

À notre connaissance, des investisseurs ayant fait le choix d'un véritable partenariat avec MDI sont précisément en train de permettre la poursuite de ce surprenant développement.

Rappel sur le marché scandinave :

March 2009- MBITS visited MDI's factory in Nice, France, for the manufacture of APVE- City Movers, together with the Gothenburg City Council
"Goran Johansson, Lennart Olausson, Jan Hallberg and Olle Sundin from Svedavia participated in the visit to the MDI factory in Nice. Svedavia is very interested in testing 5 pc test vehicles in Swedish airports "Image from left to right: Göran Johansson, Jan Hallberg, Lennart Olausson, Niclas Jarhäll, construction manager of MDI Cyril Negre, (Olle Sundin in the background)"

MBITS would like to thank Guy Nègre, CEO of Motor Development International for a very interesting meeting the 3rd of september in Luxembourg where seminars where planned to focus on Air Powered Electric Vehicle (APEV) - City Movers and their future roll in our society. Mbits will, during this occasion and at the beginning of next year, present pre-series vehicles to investors and potential customers in Scandinavia.
MBITS will help MDI to establish their product on the scandinavian market. This means marketing it and adapting it to the northern climate.  MBITS is building the future  in Sweden.
For more information, contact Stéphane Baronnet (Business Development & Project Management) or Niclas Jarhäll (CEO).

Picture: Stéphane Baronnet, Guy Negre (CEO of MDI) and Niclas Jarhäll.

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