lundi 18 octobre 2010

"Air pur des Vosges" - Worldwide access

This page is dedicated to worldwide Internet users, and more.

You are welcome to get in contact with us, when your aim to provide a success story, based on this social project in your own country with your own culture.
We actually have an idea that co-engineering this projet would be, at low cost and high social level, a reasonable opportunity for quite a big amont of people ... over the world.

Just, neither "green washed" corporates nor "global warming" compagnies are not exactly needed here.
Also, we are not so-called new age oriented.
Just a modest citizen association.

Thus, when you share these simple values, kindly feel free to mail any of your questions at :

We would be glad to answer as quick as possible !

We speak German, and we also look such user languages as, for example, from Ukraina, Russia, China or Spain

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